May 27, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. PT/4:00 p.m. ET
The coronavirus pandemic has created enormous social and economic challenges. Like many great challenges, this one also brings opportunities to serve and improve your clients’ lives, setting the stage for your practice to grow and thrive as never before.

Most advisors are playing defense right now, or simply standing still and waiting for the crisis to pass. The few who recognize this moment as an opportunity—and position themselves to seize it—can gain more business from their current clients and create a pipeline of new, high-quality prospective clients.

Our live video conference will show you exactly how to seize this opportunity.

You will leave this video conference with a four-step process for enhancing your business development and setting the stage to significantly grow your revenue over the near term. 
  • Identify what matters most to you and your practice.
  • Deeply understand the self-interests of your clients and prospective clients.
  • ​Concentrate on areas where your interests overlap so that you can add value in key areas where they do not.
  • ​Track your results so you can fine-tune your efforts and maximize your success.
This proven methodology is based on entrepreneurial best practices that will help you think and act differently from most of your financial advisor peers. Because the process focuses on serving clients and prospective clients exceptionally well, it works in both up and down markets. Even in the midst of the pandemic crisis, you can use it to double your revenues within two years, positioning yourself for even more growth as the current crisis fades and we emerge into our new normal.

This process will help you cement the loyalty of your current clients while attracting new ones. In addition to enhancing your revenues, this client-focused approach can also enhance your life—along with the lives of your clients, your teams and your centers of influence. That makes it precisely what you need to fully realize today’s opportunity to serve and do well.

Because this video conference is extremely time-sensitive and interactive, it will not be recorded, and so a playback recording will not be available. So, show up and prepare to accelerate your success even more!

Meet Your Hosts
John is the founder and CEO of CEG Worldwide, the world’s leading coaching firm for financial advisors. For nearly 20 years, Bowen and his team have had the privilege of coaching elite financial advisors on new ways to deliver groundbreaking wealth management solutions to their clients while building amazing lives of significance. Previously, he worked directly with affluent clients as a financial advisor for 26 years.
How do i register?
Because this video conference is extremely time-sensitive, it will not be recorded, and so a playback recording will not be available. So, show up and prepare to accelerate your success even more!
Video ConferenCE
This online session will be conducted over Zoom, the premier video conferencing platform. Follow these instructions to ensure a trouble-free experience.
  • You will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a speaker or headphones.
  • Take a moment to test your ZOOM connection here prior to the session.
  • ​You may be instructed to download the Zoom application when you join us. Please complete this step. If you need to dial-in to the session with your phone, please be sure to join the ZOOM meeting room first and then have the system call you.
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