Step 1: Download the description of the coaching position
    Please download and review the description of the coaching position. We want you to have a good understanding of the responsibilities and opportunities of this position before you apply.
      Step 2: Read our video guide and record your video
      To help us know a little about you as a person, we ask that you record a brief video of yourself.
        Step 3: Submit your application
        Please take a moment to complete and submit our brief application form.
        To help you understand our processes and products, please spend some time and read our latest ebook, The Elite Wealth Manager. You will be sent link to this book if you move forward in the interview process.
        Our aim with this book is to empower you with new ways of thinking and a toolbox of strategies that will enable you to further excel, no matter how accomplished you already are. We want to put your future success firmly in your own hands.

        This is what you will have by the time you have finished this book:  
        • A clear understanding of where you are today in the hierarchy of advisor success
        • ​The specific areas where you need to focus in order to fully and successfully implement the elite wealth management business model
        • ​Baseline knowledge of key aspects of our nine core strategies for accelerating your success as you build your elite wealth management practice 
        • ​The possibilities for moving beyond elite wealth management for even greater success
        • ​The means to fast-track your success, starting right now
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