What if you had the one thing all financial advisors wish for?
Think for a moment about your business goals. 

If you’re like most advisors, these are some of the goals that may come to mind:
  • ​Increasing your income
  • ​Increasing the value of the equity in your practice
  • ​Increasing your assets under management
  • ​Increasing the revenue your practice generates
  • ​Increasing the number of wealthy clients you work with

The wealthy client pipeline
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The one key to achieving these goals?
A steady stream of referrals to highly
qualified affluent prospective clients.
Building a pipeline of wealthy clients is the shortest, most effective route to achieving the results you want. This consistent stream of affluent client prospects can completely transform your business, with the potential for making you incredibly more successful.

The best news? The dramatic rise in recent years in the number of wealthy people and the amount of wealth they control has created unprecedented opportunities for you to significantly boost your AUM—along with your personal income—provided you can attract and serve these wealthy individuals.

Our new book, The Wealthy Client Pipeline, sets out the proven process for doing exactly that—and lays out a plan to take advantage of those golden opportunities.

At 144 pages, you’ll breeze through it in no time—and you will immediately get the basis of the same system top advisors have used to raise more than $250 billion in assets under management.

Now, for a limited time, we are making The Wealthy Client Pipeline available to you at no cost. We ask only that you pay the shipping and handling fee of $7.95. Once you place your order, your copy will be on its way.

However, we don’t want you to have to wait even one day to read the book. That’s why you’ll instantly receive an email with a link to access a digital copy of The Wealthy Client Pipeline and get going right away.
Why are we making such a great offer? 

It’s simple. 

Because we have only one mission at CEG Worldwide: to help you become much, much more successful. 
Real Advisors | Real Results

Gordon Bernhardt, Bernhardt Wealth Management

“I was given the tools and the vision to help me build the business I wanted to build. It easily paid for itself within the first year.  It’s allowed me more freedom to do the things I want to do.”

Michael Zarich, King Investment Advisors, Inc.

“The program is very structured and has a lot of proven business development strategies that can be easily implemented into your practice. If you follow the program, success will come. There is tremendous value; it easily pays for itself.”

Rich Schuette, Avalan Wealth Management

“I can’t even imagine my business life prior to the program. As a direct result of the program I was able to put myself into a position to land a nine-figure client. Up to that point, my largest clients were about a quarter of that size.”

John Calvert, Northwestern Mutual

“This is the most intelligent way to build an advisory wealth management practice that I have ever seen.”
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